Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lab A2 Reflection

The above video is my Lab A2 for EDU 255. I think my second time teaching the four minute lesson went better than the first time. It certainly is a lot easier to teach something when you have practiced it. Even though I practiced it still didn't go exactly how I wrote it out on paper. There were some things that I wanted to say or do that I didn't end up saying or doing. I also went over the four minutes and ended up going for five. I guess it is better to go a little longer than too short though.

The following is a list of things that I incorporated in my lesson:

- Introduction - introduced myself and what I was going to be teaching
- Hook - "When you play basketball how many of you have gotten the ball stolen from you? ... Today I'm going to be teaching you a few drills to prevent that from happening."
- Pinpointing - I had everyone stop and watch Andy doing the drill because he was doing it correctly.
- I asked if everyone understood.
- I set boundaries.
- I repeated the three main points of the lesson while they were playing the game that incorporated them all.
- I gave some specific feedback. I remember telling Jen to get a lower stance.
- Checking for understanding - I asked them what the three main points of the lesson were.
- I used names.

The following is a list of things I should have done in my lesson:

- They took a little long to retrieve a basketball, and I just waited for them. I should have told them to hustle or use a countdown to get them to hurry up. I did tell them to hustle at the end of the game though.
- They started dribbling the ball when I was demonstrating how I wanted it to be done. I should have to hold their basketballs and watch me. When I stopped demonstrating they started to stop doing the drill, and I had to tell them to keeping going. I should have said "Watch me demonstrate how to do it and when I say go I want you to practice the drill."
- I didn't really give specific feedback. I only said "good job" during the drills.
- When I was demonstrating the third drill to rotate until the ball is on the opposite side of the defender I had Andy in front of me so he was blocking me. I should have had Andy in front of me so our sides were facing everyone.
- I didn't mention anything about safety. I originally planned to tell them to be careful not to slap anyone's wrists while playing the game but forgot.
- I kind of just watched as they played the game. I repeated the three main points and gave some feedback but not as much as I should have.

Overall I think I did better than I did the first time so I am happy with how it went but definitely not satisfied.

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