Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 NYS AHPERD Conference

I went to the NYS AHPERD Conference at Turning Stone Resort & Casino from November 18-20. I also attended our mini-conference on campus so I figured it was going to be similar to that but just on a slightly bigger scale. It was like our mini-conference but on a MUCH bigger scale. There were so many presentations; it was hard to choose which ones to go to. First off, the keynote was awesome. The speaker was Coach Jim Johnson from Greece Athena basketball. He is the coach of the autistic player "J-Mac" as seen on ESPN. I loved his presentation. As for the sessions, I tried attending both coaching and physical education sessions because I am very interested in both.

Here are some of the sessions I attended:

- Education of a Sports Season
- Moral Integrity in Sport and Athletics/Beyond the Gymnasium Doors (jumped back and forth)
- The Role and Responsibility of Educators in Youth Sports
- Managing Relationships: A Key to Success in Athletics
- Wanted: Teachers Thinking About Becoming a Director
- Intentionally Developing Character in Your Student/Athletes

Overall, it was a fun time, and it got me thinking about new ideas and rethinking old ones. It is definitely worth it, and I look forward to going again next year!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lab C Reflection

The above video is my fifth time teaching. For my Lab C, I taught a lesson on volleying and passing in the Malaysian sport called sepak takraw, more commonly known as kick volleyball. I will embed a video of sepak takraw on the bottom on this post. I was very happy with how my Lab C teaching lesson went. It was my best teaching performance yet. I felt it. It was the complete opposite of how I felt after my Lab B2. I felt confident, and the extra five minutes really helped me utilize everything on the C-9 form. It makes me realize how far I've come so far. I got all of my points on the C-9 form and some bonus points as well for incorporating scaffolding, teaching by invitation, and pinpointing.

Some things that I still need to work on are feedback and time coding. I still haven't provided feedback for over 50% of the class. I am only providing feedback to about 25% of the class. I am still spending a lot of time instructing as well. I did spend more time in activity than I usually do, but it isn't over 50% like it is encouraged.

Even though I had a good day of teaching I know I still have quite a bit to work on. I hope to continue my recent success into my Lab D where I will be teaching cup stacking, which is different but should definitely be fun.

Lesson Plan

Task Progression Sheet


Time Coding Form

Feedback Analysis Form

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