Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lab C Reflection

The above video is my fifth time teaching. For my Lab C, I taught a lesson on volleying and passing in the Malaysian sport called sepak takraw, more commonly known as kick volleyball. I will embed a video of sepak takraw on the bottom on this post. I was very happy with how my Lab C teaching lesson went. It was my best teaching performance yet. I felt it. It was the complete opposite of how I felt after my Lab B2. I felt confident, and the extra five minutes really helped me utilize everything on the C-9 form. It makes me realize how far I've come so far. I got all of my points on the C-9 form and some bonus points as well for incorporating scaffolding, teaching by invitation, and pinpointing.

Some things that I still need to work on are feedback and time coding. I still haven't provided feedback for over 50% of the class. I am only providing feedback to about 25% of the class. I am still spending a lot of time instructing as well. I did spend more time in activity than I usually do, but it isn't over 50% like it is encouraged.

Even though I had a good day of teaching I know I still have quite a bit to work on. I hope to continue my recent success into my Lab D where I will be teaching cup stacking, which is different but should definitely be fun.

Lesson Plan

Task Progression Sheet


Time Coding Form

Feedback Analysis Form

Content Development

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