Sunday, October 10, 2010

SUNY Cortland Mini Conference

I attended the Leadership: The Power to Empower Players session with Kathy Taylor and the Special Olympics Certification Workshop session. I only got to sign into the first one, however, because the second one didn't have a sign in sheet for some reason.

In the Leadership session, Coach Taylor discussed ten tips on developing great team leaders. Some of the tips were to establish a relationship with your players; set goals and write them down; lead with questions and suggestions, not answers; and be a good role model.

In the Special Olympics session, Bill Collins discussed how the Special Olympics work and what has to be done to become a certified coach. Some of the things that he mentioned that I didn't know about was that the special Olympic athletes do train for the sport they participate in. All of the athletes' entry and travel are paid for by the Special Olympics. There are over twenty sports over three seasons as well.

It was an interesting day and definitely worth going to. I look forward to the next conference.

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